8 Design Tips for Your Modern Living Room

I’m excited to annouce that I have been quoted on the Modern Digs website! Please click here to view. 

Don’t Fear Color

When it comes to creating your dream space, it’s easy to question how much color is too much color. When it comes to modern interiors, color is your friend. You can add as much as you want, or use it sparingly to create focus in the room. Here’s a helpful take on just adding pop of color from Plano, TX Interior Designer Eva Hines of Decorating Den:

“Pops of color: A navy blue sofa in tactile velvet provides an anchor to this otherwise light and dreamy living space.”

Eva continues, “geometric window panels on either side of the large window provide a focal point. The pattern is also echoed in the small round metal end table. White leather Barcelona chairs flank the fireplace. The glass cocktail table seems to float in the room while at the same time drawing your attention to the fluffy shag rug underneath. Color is provided by the sofa pillows and the art above the fireplace.”

We love this design for its simplicity. It’s a great example of using modern style in your living room, while easing into color! If you’re hesitant to add color, try starting with the more neutral base we’ve been talking about, and add color through smaller accessories, like the vase above, or even one of our modern end tables.

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