Q: How does Decorating Den Interiors work?
A: Decorating Den Interiors is a really unique concept. For every new client our initial consultation is always complimentary. Then, for any following appointments, you pay only for the items you select, as long as we are choosing from one of our many suppliers.  During the design presentation, will come to your home with samples/photos of fabrics, window treatments, furniture finishes, flooring and accessories. We will help you select everything in your own home, with your own lighting, and with furnishings you’d like to keep. We do offer additional services at an hourly rate, which may include: space planning, furniture placement, hanging pictures, paint selection, as well as personal shopping for remodeling projects. When your order is ready, we come back with our team and install everything for you. It is a fun and efficient process for us and our customers.

Q: How long have you been in business?
Decorating Den Interiors is a family owned company started in 1969. There are over 400 independently owned and operated franchises in the United States and Canada. Our franchise was established in 2012.

Q: How can you offer free design services?
Decorating Den Interiors works with more than 100 manufacturers, providing fabulous furniture, area rugs and accessories, lighting, window and wall coverings, upholstery and custom bedding. We bring the world of home décor to you. We can offer free design services because of our ability to purchase items from our vendors at wholesale and sell at the manufacturer’s suggested retail, just like local furniture stores.

Q: Is there ever an hourly fee?
 Decorating Den Interiors offers a complimentary consultation and free design services as long as you are choosing from our vendors. We do offer additional services at an hourly rate, which may include: space planning, paint selection, hanging customer’s own pictures, as well as personal shopping for remodeling projects.


Q: What happens on my first appointment?
 One thing we like to do when we meet a client for the first time is to take a quick tour of your home. This will give us a sense of the architecture, the layout of your home, your lifestyle, as well as future decorating plans. Then we will sit down with you and go through the portfolio together, so that you can see some of the work that we’ve done, and we can see what styles you’re most drawn to. We cover a lot of information on that first appointment, including design ideas, priorities, and budget ranges, along with viewing “Before and After’s” in our portfolio to help get a sense of your style. At the end of the appointment, we will list your priorities and also discuss budget ranges. Now the fun begins!

Q: Why does my spouse need to be involved if I’m the only one who cares about decorating?
A: Home decorating can involve many types of changes to the interior or exterior of the house. In our experience, we’ve found that any adults using the priority spaces have their own views, either financially or aesthetically, on how the spaces should be altered. Having all interested parties participate from the beginning stage can save time and potential frustration when making important financial and design decisions. We understand how valuable time is, and if all adults who will be using the space can be there for at least your initial meeting, we find that all parties are more comfortable with the process and satisfied with the end result. In addition, future projects tend to go more smoothly and efficiently.

Q: How do I choose the pieces for my project?
A: At your initial consultation we will help you decide on a plan for your project, including a list of priorities and a desired budget range. Then we will come back with samples and/or photos of window treatments, furniture, flooring and accessories and will help you select everything in your own home, with your own lighting and with furnishings you’d like to keep. We will narrow down selections based on your style and budget and you will be able to choose your favorites, creating a truly customized room made just for you. We will be checking availability while designing, and since availability and pricing can change daily, all of your priorities for that appointment will be selected, priced out, and ordered at the end of that appointment. Remember, you pay only for the items you select, as long as you are choosing from one of our many suppliers, and you receive all of these design services for free!

Q: How do I determine a budget for my project?
A: Many people think that working with an interior decorator is expensive. However, it doesn’t have to be. When you work with Decorating Den Interiors our initial design consultation is always complimentary – this is where we help you figure out your desired style, project priorities, and comfortable budget range. Since we work with a wide variety of products and suppliers, we can help you determine a budget range that is comfortable for you based on your priorities. Once we’ve established your budget, you can relax and know that everything we show you will fit within the budget you chose for your project.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum project size?
A: At Decorating Den Interiors, we have a pretty simple design philosophy: We believe your space should express your tastes and support your lifestyle. And the whole process should be as easy and enjoyable as possible. From choosing paint colors or accessories to remodeling or redecorating your entire home or business, there is no project too large or too small. Just give us a call to get started!

Q: Why should I choose Decorating Den Interiors?
 We listen to you! When Decorating Den Interiors arrives, so does the excitement of creating a space that’s uniquely your own. From the comfort of your home, we can provide expert guidance on colors, materials, textures, finishes and furniture to arrive at the perfect solution for you and your environment. Decorating Den Interiors has been in business for over 45 years, and we’re proud of the reputation of innovative design and exceptional customer service that we’ve built through those years. Each of our design professionals has the experience, training and creativity to make us one of the most sought after design firms. We bring the decorating ideas right to your door—at your convenience—and we do it all! From our initial design consultation to the final “Big Reveal”, we will handle every detail of redecorating your home.

Our products are among the highest quality in the decorating industry. You can take pride and have confidence in your purchases from Decorating Den Interiors. Your satisfaction with our products and workmanship is guaranteed. We stand behind each and every one of our decorating projects. We’re also happy to work with your budget, and have many customers that like to work on their projects in stages. In addition, our strong relationships with our manufacturers allow us to provide customers with the best value. The best part is, not only do we come to you with the finest products available, but you get the exceptional design services of a trained professional that knows how to turn your dreams into reality, and our design services are complimentary!

Q: How can I be comfortable purchasing furniture without sitting on it?
 This is one of the most common questions we get. Through the years, we’ve developed a furniture selection system that we believe works very well for our customers. We begin our process by listening to you to create a design plan that suits your home, your needs, your design budget, and your lifestyle. We also look at any existing furniture in which you feel comfortable, and then can compare measurements, including seat depth and seat height, with the new furniture pieces we select. We understand that you might feel apprehensive about spending money on something you haven’t sat on or seen in person and, in some cases, customers feel more comfortable finding furniture on their own. However, many customers tell us that it can be very difficult to find the best pieces for their room without compromising style (it can be hard for customers to even narrow down what style and silhouette would look best), color selection (you may find a style you like, but it’s not in the color you had in mind), or size (if you’ve ever purchased a sofa that’s even 2” too long, you know exactly what I mean!).

Because our designers are professionally trained in furniture selection, helping you choose the perfect pieces is their specialty. When customizing furniture for your space, many times we create a floor plan to choose the best sizes and shapes, and then together we choose the fabric and cushion style, design and finish, as well as fun pillows to pull it all together! Your furniture is such an important element in your rooms, and we highly recommend doing it right the first time in order to avoid wasted money or returns, disappointment and headaches!

Q: I’ve waited a long time. Why isn’t my project ready yet?
Decorating Den Interiors is a professional design service franchise. We will proudly and efficiently handle every detail of your project. Within those details, we can only control so many of the steps that it takes to put your project together. In the design industry, we must work alongside freight companies and manufacturers that do their best to complete your orders without error. Unfortunately, shipments occasionally come in with damages or may be delayed due to unforeseen backorders. Once your order is placed, we will give you an estimated timeframe for completion, but please note that situations out of our hands may lengthen the delivery date.

Q: Do you handle remodel projects?
Yes, we are able to handle remodel projects. For any constructional elements that our vendors cannot provide (sinks, hardware, granite, etc), if the customer requests, we will happily work alongside a contractor of your choice for those selections at an hourly rate. If you do not have a contractor that you’d like to use for the labor, we are happy to refer you to contractors in your area.

Q: Will you work with my contractor?
Yes, as long as it is agreeable to all parties involved, we will work with your contractor of choice.

Q: What if I have challenges with the contractor to whom I was referred for my remodel project?
A: Decorating Den Interiors offers most of the products and installation for your interior and exterior “decorating” needs. However, we do not sell or provide the constructional aspects for remodeling projects. For those elements, we  can refer you to high-quality contractors, or you are welcome to use any contractor with whom you feel comfortable. We understand that remodeling can be overwhelming in some cases, so if you would like for us to work alongside the contractor to help with choosing the construction elements of the remodel (such as sinks, faucets, granite, cabinet glaze, etc.), we do offer those consulting services at an hourly rate. Please note that during remodeling projects, there may be unforeseen issues arise that could raise costs, or lengthen the project completion time. Please review these possibilities with your contractor prior to beginning your project. As a precaution, it is recommended to leave room in your budget and time in your deadline for unexpected additions. Please also note that referred contractors are not part of the Decorating Den Interiors franchise and we can not be responsible for 3rd party actions. We refer contractors to our customers as a courtesy, when requested.