Window coverings – why custom?

In the wonderful world of window coverings, there are virtually thousands and thousands of fabrics and design choices available to today’s homeowners.

Many of my clients ask me about custom products – specifically, what makes a custom window treatment “custom”? It’s a good question – so I’ll review a fabric’s journey from inception to eventually hanging beautifully at your windows.

Fabrics come from many manufacturers throughout the world. Some of these manufacturers actually design the fabric, convert raw goods into fabric, print their design on the fabric, then inventory and sample the fabric to wholesalers, and ultimately market their fabric.

Like most interior decorators, I select fabric samples with my clientele that I believe are absolutely perfect for them and their specific project. Along with the fabric decision, decorators choose a design style individually suited to the client’s home and needs. The fabric is then turned into a beautifully-crafted, uniquely-designed custom window treatment. Believe it or not, there are no two custom window treatment designs completely alike. Why? Because each design represents your personality and style.

Quality custom window treatments are crafted by skilled workrooms that specialize in creating custom products. They are luxuriously full – never skimpy – and the weighted corners in the hems of drapery panels ensure an even, continuous hemline.

Lining also plays a major role in custom designed window treatments. There are many lining options. Decorators choose the best lining for your project based on sun control, thickness of fabric, window treatment style and the overall effect. Lining is often a must, not only for protecting your beautiful draperies from harsh sunlight, but your furnishings as well.

Custom window treatments are professionally installed. You have the comfort and security of knowing the window treatment is installed properly and securely. The distance from the ceiling down, from the floor up, and from the window out, are critical components of the overall look.

Decorative hardware installed correctly is also key. You don’t end up with that “do-it-yourselfer” look when you choose custom.

So think about what’s important to you in your window treatments. And if you like the idea of having the unique quality and style of “custom”, consider utilizing the services of a professional designer. You’ll have lots of decorative options, and the added benefit of an experienced professional to guide you through every step of the design and installation process.

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